Cakes and Sweets

We have variety of handcrafting custom cakes and pastries made from scratch by authentic European recipes. 

Also we carry traditional Kiev cake from Ukraine that we receive frozen .

Cakes and Sweets
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Kievskiy Cake. Choose size
Ukrainian Gift Box Chocolate Candy Strela by Roshen, 200g
Chocolate Candy Grilyazh, 0.5lb
Only 5 left!
Chocolate Candy Belochka, 0.5lb
Only 4 left!
Rot Front Candy, 0.5lb
Only 5 left!
Candy Moskvichka, 0.5lb
Only 5 left!
Caramel Candy Mechta 0.5lb
Only 5 left!
Crispi Rings, Sushki, 400g
Korovka Chocolate Waffles 150gr
Honey Gingerbread Pryaniki, 450g
Mont Blanc Candy by Roshen, 0.5lb
Only 2 left!
Walnut Shaped Cookies Oreshki, 325g
E.Wedel Torcik Wedlowski 250g
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