The Artisan Smokehouse & European Market

We offer Free delivery in San Diego on your favorite smoked fish & comfort food

Artisan German bread
Freshly baked every day
Cakes • Pastries • Pies
We have " Russkoe Pole " best quality buckwheat
Canned Food
Best collection of natural Preserved Vegetables & fruits
Cheese & Dairy
A Taste of home
Stuffed Cabbage (1 large serving)
Stuffed bell pepper ( 1 large serving)
Only 5 left!
Chicken cutlet 1 serving
Only 1 left!
Chicken Loaf ( куринная шейка)
Farmers cheese pancakes " sirnik"
Crepes with sweet farmers cheese
Crepes stuffed with chicken
Vici Plain Crepes  Natural 500g
Only 4 left!
Herring under a fur coat ( serve 3-4)
Potato salad " Olivie"
Fermented Sour Cabbage ( квашенная) 2 lb
Whole cucumber in brine ( 2 lb)
Marinated Eggplant salad
Herring spread ( Фаршмак) ( 8 oz)
Домашнее варенье вишневое
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