Fruit tree  chips are used to smoke all of our products. We never use liquid or artificial smoke flavorings.

So whether you're sending to a friend or yourself, our product is unquestionably the best - and the taste is undeniably authentic.

We also have big choice of Alef All Natural Dry Salami and servelat 

24 results
Easter sausage ( pork) 8 oz
Kabanos Sausage Sticks 1 lb
Weselna sausage ( porck) 18-20  0z
Only 4 left!
Only 3 left!
Jelly Pork Tongues by Bandi 14 oz to 16 oz
Sausage Salami Authentic Beef Sliced by Alef 4oz
Only 4 left!
Bologna by Alex's Meat 14 oz to 18 oz
Vienna Sausages by Alex's Meat 15 oz
Baby Ring Bologna by Alex's Meat 16 oz to 18 oz each
Only 3 left!
Alex’s Meat Delicatesnaya Bologna lb
Only 5 left!
Kiev Dry Salami by Alex's Meat 14 oz to 16 oz
Only 1 left!
Beef Salami Evreyskaya Osobaya by Alef 20 oz to 24 oz
Classic Servelat
Evreyskaya Beef Dry Salami by Alef 14 oz to 16 oz
Moskovskaya Dry Salami by Alef 14 oz to 16 oz
Vavel Paris Pork Kabanos 120 g
Only 2 left!
Moskovskaya Salami by Groezinger 20 oz to 24 oz
Only 4 left!
Estonskaya Cooked Salami by Groezinger 16 oz to 20 oz
Only 5 left!
Bologna by Alex's Meat 20 oz to 24 oz
Moskovskaya Osobaya
Only 4 left!
Poltavskaya Cooked Salami by Alex's Meat 18 oz to 22 oz
Pork Sausage by Balaton 18 oz to 20 oz
Slivochnaya Bologna Veal 2oz each
Only 5 left!
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